“You don’t have to tell anybody that you’re the best!”

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Despite being a late-night show host and a comedic genius, Conan O’Brien showed how he was able to connect with his employees effectively. In his remote videos with his staff, he showed that he was able to get along with his employees very well.

His core technique to every one…

How do they do it?

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With the rising of online shopping these days, some companies find it difficult to compete with them. Especially when targeting young generations, these young people are more attracted to virtual shopping. Therefore, companies must carefully market their products to attract them, otherwise, they are history.

Forever 21, a 36-year-old fashion…

And it’s the best decision I’ve made.

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One of the reasons I admire Elon so much is because he is a very honest man. In most of his tweets or interviews, it’s rare to see his body language as BS and we can really feel that very much.

I admire when he posted about his own products…

Does this mean goodbye to half of your customers?

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In 2020, I indirectly declared my hate of social media by switching off the platform and muting half of the people I’m not too close there.

My only active social media is Instagram. I rarely use Facebook now. In one day, I spent at least 20 minutes or more on…

You don’t have to be Elon Musk to do this instead of rubbing people’s faces to convince people to buy your stuff.

Tweet: Obviously, a flamethrower is a super terrible idea. Definitely don’t buy one. Next tweet: Unless you like fun
Source: Elon Musk’s Twitter.

We’ve all seen Ryan Reynolds’ ad that kept us hooked on his videos and had us sit through the entire one-minute-long ad.

And we’ve also seen how Elon Musk didn’t use any form of marketing to sell his tequilas and flamethrowers, and yet people are still willing to buy them.

Sony is smarter than that.

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Note: I don’t work for Marvel, Disney, or Sony prior to the making of this article. These are my just speculations and observations from the news and media.

Just today, 23 August 2021, there was an accident leak online on Sony’s part where the Spiderman No Way Home trailer was…


Before Ryan Reynolds, there was Ricky Gervais’s anti-ad.

Source: Optus Facebook, 2015. We called Ricky again.

We all knew Ryan Reynold’s awesome ads that shook the internet and made him one of the best advertisers and marketing influencers. Plus Elon Musk with his hilarious Twitter ads that shook the market.

There was actually one more person who had done these kinds of advertisements first, and this…

One thing for sure, it feels good.

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My whole family is into coffee, so it’s no doubt that I’d get roped into the party too. My dad always makes awesome coffee to boost our morning and my brother is following him on making coffee too, they are the reason why I rarely go to coffee shops.


5 ways to identify a wantrepreneurs and how to spot a true entrepreneur.

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The mainstream media of “everybody should be entrepreneurs”, has given a rise to many so-called people who wants to be “entrepreneurs”.

We’ve seen a lot of scammers and MLM scheme businesses telling you that you should quit your 9–5 jobs, be your own boss, and be financially free, and a…

#4. You fear the unknown, but you still go for it.

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A few weeks ago, my friend told me that she quit her job at a prestigious company after being there for three whole months.

And the reason behind this was because her leader was horrible. She told me how miserable she was at that job because of him and she…

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