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“How the f*ck do you write so many books so fast?”

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Stephen King is a genius writer. He has been writing for a really long time and his works managed to reach the big screen, which made even more hits for him.

About two years ago, he and George R.R. Martin had a conversation with each other about consistent writing.

Now, for anyone who has read The Song of Ice and Fire, George has not even finished the books. His last book from the series is A Dance With Dragons, and it stopped with a cliffhanger there since 2011. Now that the T.V. …

Warner Bros’s decision to put all their new blockbuster movies to HBO Max has created huge conflicts among each other.

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Warner Bros seems to be in huge trouble for a while since the last year 2020, and it seems that their fellow employees are losing their faith in the studio itself.

Recently, Wall Street Journal announced that the legendary director, Christopher Nolan may not work with Warner Bros again after the HBO Max deals.

This pandemic has clearly derailed the entertainment business to this kind of a mess.

I understand that they have been in deep trouble since the start of Covid-19, believe me, I know since I work in the cinema industry. …

I switched my career 8 times for 5 years and kept encountering these problems.

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When I started working at the age of 19, I didn’t know what I was getting into and I wish someone could’ve told me this.

That work isn't going to be easy wherever you go.

If you see my LinkedIn, I have quite a messed up career, switching to many different companies: From a school center to IT, Fashion and Luxury, Startups, Cinemas, and now writing freelance.

As you can see here, I moved to so many different industries and wasn’t able to settle, even now. …

My experience of learning the Multi-Level Marketing Business.

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This was where I first learned about the world of Multi-Level Marketing, better known as MLM.

From my experience in this, I learned nothing about marketing or the company’s visions. It’s mostly about getting hooked to the product.

A few months ago, I was invited by an old friend — whom I have not been in contact with for more than six years — to join this seminar about selling a product that can help you get more income.

But after a while, I felt something really fishy in the seminar. …

Bernard Arnault’s way to keep a 160-year-old company lives on.

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In 2018, I had the pleasure to get hired at Louis Vuitton as a Docent for their Time Capsule event and that’s where I became familiar with the name Bernard Arnault and what he had done for the company.

I was a tomboy back then, so the fact that I was hired into a fashion and luxury company is insane. I learned so many things there, like how the company was capable to work together with other industries such as video games and sports blew my mind.

Just how were they able to break that rule of the stick with your industry? I find that that’s how LVMH managed to become a strong company. …

“Your mission, should you choose to accept it.”

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“I have told you, and now I want it, and if you don’t do it, you’re out.” — Tom Cruise, 2020.

Recently, Tom Cruise’s outbursts to his staff struck the internet like thunder. It went viral fast, showing his moment of frustrations on the set of Mission Impossible 7.

In case anyone missed it, on 16th December 2020, there was recorded audio shared on the internet showing the great dare-devil actor’s frustration with two staff on set who accidentally broke the safety health protocol by not social distancing.

Now, from the perspective of staff/crew members and from some people who heard it, they’d think that Tom was being too harsh and exaggerating because people tend to forget. However, from a leader’s perspective, it’s actually too much, especially for someone who has so much passion for the industry that is being slammed hard by Covid at the moment. …

Your dream business may not come true if you keep switching jobs for the sake of money.

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After working in a company for nearly two years, I realized that I am glad that I was rejected from a high-paying job position. Back then I was so desperate to get one, and now, I thank God that I didn’t get it.

Then, when I take a closer look at my life and what I am able to do now, I became so glad that I took a low position job.

It’s so much easier and less energy-consuming. Plus, I wouldn’t be able to find what I wanted to do if it weren’t for that job.

Currently, I work as an Operations Coordinator in the cinema industry. I help my supervisors retrieve data from cinema sites for their presentations and make sure or the invoices are getting into the finance departments. …

The decision to release movies to HBO Max sparks a lot of controversies.

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Recently, the film company Warner Bros made an announcement that they are going to all the blockbuster movies to the online streaming HBO Max, another segment of their business model.

Fans may be excited that they are able to watch the movies that they are waiting for, but the ones who will suffer the most is the film production teams.

Putting their high budget movies will be huge losses for them, and the decision for them to put it on HBO Max already sparks a lot of criticism, even from the great, Christopher Nolan. The filmmakers were not even told about this information, they were told literally hours before they were going to announce it to the whole world.

They tell you secrets no one tells you about.

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Over the past few years, I’ve been spending more time with people twice or thrice my age, despite being in my early 20s. They are not as dull as many people thought they were and, if we get to know them better, we can see the child inside them as well.

At first, I didn’t understand why I got along better with older adults. When your friends are older than you, you kind of do raise an eyebrow, but after spending time with them, I finally get it.

There is so much in them that people our generations seem to miss. We always thought that they are not up to date or even haters to today's generation, which makes them boring. …

Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate.” — Captain Jack Sparrow

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I never knew of Princess Diana. I only learned of Princess Diana through a documentary when I was about six or eight years old.

Now that I’m older and re-learning about her again with more detailed aspects of her life through a Netflix series, I felt like her story is telling me something and yet at the same time I felt sad for her.

How can this wonderful and kind woman be snatched away from our lives so easily? How can anyone this nice experience so much sadness in her life?

She died the year I was born, so I can never know what it is like to live in a world where Princess Diana was still alive. …

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